1. I like the blue T-shirt over there better than the red one.
  2. Their car does 150 miles a hour.
  3. Where’s the USB drive I lent you last week?
  4. Do you still live in Bristol?
  5. Is your mother working in an old office building?
  6. Carol’s father works as an electrician.
  7. The tomatoes are 99 pence a kilo.
  8. What do you usually have for x breakfast?
  9. Ben has a terrible headache.
  10. After this tour you have the whole afternoon free to explore the city.
  1. Look at the sea!
  2. Who is the lady in the picture?
  3. I visited x South Africa last summer.
  4. The book is about a man who lives on a small island.
  5. I work as the only English teacher at this school.
  6. Harry fixed the car, so we can go to the lake.
  7. She goes to work by x bike.
  8. Jamy likes x music, he plays an instrument.
  9. Marie enjoys eating x Swiss cheese.
  10. We have a small house in a village in the Netherlands.
  1. I have a good idea.
  2. That’s an interesting job!
  3. They have found some gold in that old mine.
  4. Do the Smiths have a yellow van?
  5. Look! He’s having some water.
  6. He always likes a piece of chocolate.
  7. I have some homework to do for tomorrow.
  8. There’s a nice girl in the red car.
  9. Would you like some milk with your cookies?
  10. How about some grapes?

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